Automotive Marketing Solutions

Content creation and management

Increase the reach of your web pages with optimized content.

Management of manufacturer and in-house promotions

In the automotive sector, changes occur at a dizzying speed. Promotions are regularly updated, and your website absolutely must keep pace; otherwise, you risk losing potential clients, who will turn to another dealership that displays the same promotion sooner. At Magnetis, our continuous management of your website will ensure that it’s always up to date for your clientele. Did someone else design your website? No problem! Magnetis can manage it, no matter who created it!

Regardless of whether your platform was done by D2C Media, DMT, Dealer Smart Solutions (TRADER/autoHEBDO), EVOLIO, DealerCity or another company, we can help you update it.

Optimisation et création de contenu

Content creation and optimization

A website without suitable content loses value in the eyes of Google. For the powerful search engine, it’s imperative for your website to be dynamic, prompting clientele to look for the right information in the right place at the right time. That’s why we propose content creation and optimization services that will ensure that your website contains information that’s highly relevant to potential buyers.

Marketing blogue automobile

Automotive blog marketing

The addition of blog posts to your automotive dealership website not only helps it evolve constantly in the eyes of Google, but also allows targeting specific keywords, depending on the most popular searches at any given moment. As a consequence, consumers will come across your website one way or another in their search results.


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