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Be visible where people are present: on the various social networks.

Partage sur médias sociaux

Content creation and sharing

The purchase of a vehicle isn’t a snap decision. Today’s consumers are increasingly informed and will conduct their own research to find the vehicle that best suits their needs. The presence of your automotive dealership in different social media can help accelerate the purchasing process.

Content creation and sharing will help you present and maintain an advanced, up-to-date image in the eyes of your future clients, while you remain active in the eyes of Google.


Acquisition strategy on Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter

A notable internet presence demonstrates your involvement in the latest technologies and enables internet users to communicate with you quickly when they want information or advice. Be present in the social media that are most likely to be used by your prospective clientele and develop your reputation online.


Targeting an audience and measuring performance

Each social network offers precise analytical tools for gathering the results of your advertising campaigns. After examining and analyzing these results, we can continuously redirect the advertisements to achieve optimal effectiveness. With extensive knowledge of social media, their advantages and their typical visitors, it’s possible to increase conversions in a number of ways.


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