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Have a unique website created for your automotive dealership and generate quick conversions.

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Website solutions for automotive dealerships

At Magnetis, we believe that, when it comes to designing your website, there’s no good reason not to use the best tools available. If you’re in the automotive sector, we’ll build you a high-performance custom website that’s perfectly adapted to your needs. Do you have a great idea, but no one capable of implementing it? Do you receive continuous offers for platforms that are identical to those of your competitors? Call us! We can offer you a website that’s totally unique!

Website solutions for automotive dealerships

Do you want your online showroom to look just like everyone else’s? Of course you don’t! But that’s exactly what you’ll get from a lot of companies that simply reuse the same templates over and over for you and your competitors.

At Magnetis, we believe that every dealership deserves its own unique, personalized platform. We’ll manage every aspect of designing a website that’s specific to your brand, your team and the sensations your vehicles elicit. Everything is designed to order, creating a unique environment that sets you apart from your competitors. Our automotive websites perform extremely well on search engines and are built to optimize the user experience.

Focus on conversions and the user experience

Attractive, personalized, scalable and optimally programmed, the website for your automotive dealership will offer your current and future clientele a unique, best-in-class web experience, regardless of whether they browse on a mobile device or a fixed terminal.

Syndication of new and used inventory

A website has to evolve continuously. Magnetis offers you an easy-to-use platform that can be updated quickly to reflect new promotions each month, as well as the constant changes in your inventory and in the automotive industry, itself.

Measuring performance

Once we create your new website, the benefits don’t stop there. You will be able to measure your results with extreme precision.

You can keep track of each time a potential client contacts your automotive dealership, whether through a phone call, the contact form on your website, a Facebook campaign, a Google Ads campaign, an online discussion or an organic listing. The measurement is then associated with the traffic source, making it possible to precisely target potential buyers.

Effective landing page design

The creation of a landing page is a quick, highly effective solution to help you target your clientele even more precisely, based on specific words or promotions at your dealership.


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