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Remarketing campaigns

Build a solid clientele by taking advantage of remarketing to retarget those consumers that are most likely to do business with you.

Remarketing: a highly persuasive tool!

Remarketing consists of presenting your company’s advertisements to an audience that has already visited your website or seen your YouTube videos. As you may be aware, out of every hundred people who browse your website, only a handful will do business with your company on the first visit.

By displaying targeted advertising related to the products or services they viewed on your website, you’ll significantly increase the chances of those visitors choosing your company once they’re ready to make a purchase. The process is subtle, but the results are proven.


The dynamics of remarketing

Has this ever happened to you? You visit a transactional website and then later, while you’re browsing, you keep seeing advertisements for the products you demonstrated an interest in? This is the result of a dynamic remarketing campaign. These types of campaigns are particularly effective when your website includes an online store.

Remarketing on search networks

Has your website been visited by a number of people, but no one seems to be buying anything?

Clients usually need more than one visit before they’ll finalize a purchase. Offer them a second chance to browse your website, and position your company at the top of the search engines.

Now that they’re further along in the decision-making process, they’ll be more inclined to make their final decision with you. This type of campaign, new from Google, is an attractive solution for companies that offer major services or undertake large-scale projects that require a considerable amount of reflection on the part of the buyer.


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