Search Engine Optimization

Keyword research

Determine which keywords are relevant to skyrocket you to the top of the search results.

The importance of keyword research

One of the primary goals of meticulous website construction is for the website to appear on the first page of Google search results.

It must be viewed by internet users who are searching for the specific products or services your company offers.

Consequently, an essential step in your SEO strategy is to create texts that take the appropriate keywords into account. If you skip this step, the structure of your website will be severely handicapped, regardless of how well-designed the site may be.

That’s why it’s vital to incorporate the right keywords when creating your content.

Relevance, search volume and the competition

When we create your content, we have to analyze the relevance of the keywords we target.

Once we’ve established a list of relevant keywords, we’ll determine which ones have sufficient search volumes to represent an opportunity, based on our analyses.

After we select the most advantageous keywords, we’ll analyze your competition to find out which competitors are ranked with these keywords and what procedures they’ve used to achieve their results.

This last phase is critical, as some of your competitors may have already invested considerable efforts in certain keywords. As a result, it might be wiser to choose others that are just as relevant, even if they have a lower search volume.

Keyword evolution

Once the keywords have been implemented, it’s essential to track the changes in ranking.

Depending on the keyword, evolution may take several days to several weeks. If they don’t show satisfactory progress, additional changes or optimization will be necessary.

Another element that’s even more important than the evolution of the website’s search engine ranking is the evolution of the site’s organic traffic, which should naturally increase as its positioning improves.


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