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SEO strategy: complex, but profitable

Despite what certain pseudo-experts who claim to have cracked the code of Google algorithms might say, there’s no such thing as magic. If you want to optimize your natural ranking, your website must be well-structured, relevant and useful to your target audience. Then, it must be perfectly coded, referenced by the best of the best in your industry and updated regularly. Only the laborious, meticulous work of SEO experts will enable you to achieve your objectives. It’s no easy task: not a single detail can be left to chance.

Mobile mastery: adapting SEO

SEO strategy is just as complex when the time comes to adapt websites to different platforms, including cellphones and tablets. Today, more than half of all users access the internet through mobile devices. Google knows this and, in order to maintain their lead and satisfy their users, they have adapted their algorithms to favor websites that have been optimized for these platforms and their users. Upload speed, image file size and responsiveness are all essential elements when it comes to optimal performance. That’s why our experts ensure that the content fits the container perfectly.

Mobile SEO

Rapports SEO

SEO reports

These performance reports are much more than just figures: they allow us to affirm our successes and acknowledge our failures. Whenever changes are made to a strategy or a website, it’s imperative to carefully track the results of these changes. Our performance reports will help you monitor the results of your website and help us give you even better recommendations for improving your performance.


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