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Be present where the world comes together to find relevant and reliable information: Google My Business.

Google My Business, an SEO tool

For a number of years, Google worked relentlessly to create the Google+ network. During that time, they developed Google Address, which then became Google Place and finally Google My Business. This tool is extremely important when it comes to your local ranking. The information contained on your pages is used by Google to determine the classification of your website.

Google My Business

Google customer reviews

Client comments on your Google My Business page

In search results, you often see a map followed by links to companies with a star-rating and comments. These comments, as well as your responses and the ratings you receive, have an influence on your results. Consumers increasingly trust the ratings given by internet users to help them determine which business to visit, which restaurant to eat at and which dealership seems to provide the best service.

Google My Business: Simplicity and versatility

Internet searches should be quick and easy. Internet users will be instinctively drawn to view the most direct, streamlined presentation of the information they’re looking for. With Google My Business, your company’s relevant information will appear on the right-hand side of the search page, clearly indicating your telephone number and address, as well as a Google Maps overview showing how to get there. The visibility process continues:

- An address for each location allows you to provide more specific search results and target local clientele;
- The right clientele will come to you naturally once you establish one or more relevant categories;
- Updates, as well as the constant addition of content, will prompt your existing clientele to consult your page again and again in search of the latest news;
- Your star rating will be immensely helpful to future clients when it comes to choosing between you and the competition. Responding to comments, regardless of whether they’re positive or negative, shows everyone that you care about your web image.

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