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Do you have a precise goal? Generate conversions with the help of landing pages.

Landing pages

The value of a landing page

Landing pages generally have a very precise goal: to convert a user looking for a specific product or service. This type of page usually gets straight to the point by presenting an appealing offer for a product or service and proposing a quick and easy way to get it. Another important objective of this type of page is to minimize the usual distractions of a website in order to focus users on the options that will motivate them to contact your company.

Google Ads and landing pages

Landing pages are frequently used as part of paid listing strategies, such as Google Ads and Bing Ads. Since you’re paying for incoming traffic, it’s obviously necessary to do everything you can to maximize the profitability of the campaign with a landing page that concentrates the relevant content as much as possible. Another major advantage of having a landing page with simplified content is that it will improve the quality level of the keywords used in your campaign. This will make it possible to reduce the cost per click and improve the positioning of your advertisements.

The essential elements of a landing page

If you want to ensure that your landing page performs well, there are certain basic elements it must contain:

  • A clear, appealing offer: the page should get right to the point to quickly target the client’s needs.
  • A user-friendly contact form: potential clients want to save time and money with a simplified process for getting the products and services they need
  • A visible telephone number: some clients will want additional information from experts, so they can learn more details about the proposed offer.
  • Distinctive elements: your competitors also have offers to promote. Make sure your offer is unique so that it stands out from the pack.


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